[Escapeways, Waymarks, Guideposts] Eng
wood,metal,glass,paper,useless things,etc
size variable

solo exhibition

Escapeways, Waymarks, Guideposts
From Sunrise Surfer
Shiho Kagabu

Along with quiet sleep-breaths,
Moving on at 70km/h.
Red flecks, and
Black stripes
Passing one after another.
May all this stay accelerated.
Walking over a long distance,
Seeing dead ends formed.
Cries and screams, all over.
Invisible colors, inaudible sounds.
Cross this line, it's this way.
I'll create a guidepost, escapeways.
Rest assured. All safe here.
Pre-arranged destruction. Escape.
Fun, of block play.
Pull down, downfall, build up, pull down.
Memory erased.
Inspiration. Build up. Lift up.
Collapse. Fix up. Transport.
Memory erased.
Lift up. Awareness.
Needlework, space out, or pull down.
Lift up.
Holes emerge.
Red scatters.
Into blue.
Back to square one.
Uprise. Holes emerge.
Fill in.
Lift up.
Pulled down.
Lift up. Build up.
Memory erased.
Lemon color, a drink
Placing a straw, suck up.
Flavor of citrus.
Syrup with seven colors.
I'll turn into a guidepost.
You pass through here.
Even if swept away, or pulled down.
Each time, any number of times