[Swallowing Water]@@“ϊ–{Œκ
redunant objects, steel, concrete, wood, glass
nabis gallery, Tokyo
photo:YAMAMOTO Tadasu

[font Look at the Sun/Day through a ~]

What a sculptor can do is to see a fact as a fact.
There is no need to replace nor to disguise it with something else.
I am skeptical about images and stories. They are pleasures in my daily life,
yet I do not like them being a part of my works.

I think about wars and killings that happen recently.
Then I ask myself what really is the value of human beings?

Objects and people are equal beings as they both stand on earth.
If you say that they are different, the difference may be whether
it keeps changing or whether it keeps thinking.
However I can not assure you that they are different.

Things made by the hand of man for a living.
They are mere materials at the beginning.
After a long time and through various connections with people and with things,
they end being functional.
Yet they are still there, then whatever do they become?
I am not imagining this to be sentimental.

There are two languages. One that the objects have, and the other is that people have.
I think those two languages share something in common.
Something passes through both two languages and then unfolds itself before us.
That 'something' seems like a fact to me now.

What I make here is a letter shape, - a font.

If there is something concrete, I think it lies somewhere beyond how it stands.